The Secrets Behind Feature Walls Success

FullSizeRender-40There has been a move back towards traditional timber floors over the past few decades, but more recently, timber feature walls have become the latest craze in interior decorating. Providing a gorgeous addition to any home, they are a simple yet effective way of making your home into a comforting, friendly place that you can really be proud of.

Standing Out

Instead of having every wall in a particular room decorated in the same way, timber feature walls typically take up only one wall in a room. By standing out in this way, they make an eye catching addition to any room, and can be used to effectively bring a rustic yet modern feel to your home. You don’t have to change every wall in order to achieve this effect- with just a single timber feature wall, the entire look and feel of the room is transformed, while still giving you the space to stamp your own identity onto it.


Warmth and Homeliness

Timber feature walls also bring a real sense of warmth and homeliness to a room. Drawing on centuries of design to transport you back into a simpler time, wood walls actually improve with age- meaning that as time goes by, they won’t just provide the backdrop to your life, but will also show just how far you’ve come as they beautifully age. Once installed, your timber feature walls will last a lifetime.

Pair with Vintage

If you’re thinking about creating an aesthetic in your home centred around vintage or reclaimed furniture, then a timber feature wall is the ideal place to start. By having the very room itself formed from a natural, rustic material, you’ll perfectly set the scene for you to build upon. Once you actually see the room transformed, you’re sure to have plenty of ideas about where to go next- it really is a great way of getting those interior design thoughts flowing.

Environmentally Friendly

As well as providing a quirky addition to your home, timber feature walls are also great for the environment. By using reclaimed wood, they cut down on unneccessary waste, and therefore result in a smaller carbon footprint from the redecorating process. Not only will you be doing your home a favour, but you’ll also be helping to create a more eco-conscious society as well!

IMG_0446-1All in all, a timber feature wall can make a great addition to any home. If you would like to draw on our expert advice to see what we could do for you, or have any questions about our services, then just get in touch- we’re always happy to help!